Award-winning professional photographer Eric Parsons has been featured on, in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, USA Today as well as virtually every other major publication in the United States.

About Eric

Appearing recently with wedding crasher Adam Levine in Maroon 5′s new music video “Sugar,” Eric Parsons is sought after for destination weddings as well as those closer to home in Southern California. His clients have brought him to locations such as Cuba, Panama and the Maya Riviera of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. When he’s not shooting weddings or traveling the country on assignment you’ll find Eric teaching the next generation of photographers at Brooks Institute in Ventura where he works as adjunct faculty in the prestigious school’s Visual Journalism program. His stunning, creative photography has been widely featured in the nation’s most popular travel book, Frommer’s Travel Guides for a readership of 8 million people worldwide.

With a degree in photojournalism and over 20 years of experience working at eight newspapers nationwide, Eric brings a fresh, unique vision and razor-sharp skills to every photo shoot, no matter the subject or the budget. Whether he’s documenting a wedding or an editorial assignment for a national publication the result is compelling storytelling images you won’t soon forget. Eric’s compassion, patience and uncanny ability to put his subjects at ease allow him to make beautiful, striking photos while remaining unobtrusive.