The cool thing about being a wedding photographer in Southern California is the abundance of awesome outdoor locations to choose from, and of course the great weather. And this engagement portrait session on the beach in Malibu was no exception as Mother Nature blessed me with some amazing light! But the best part about being a wedding photographer in the Los Angeles area is meeting amazing people and the relationships I’ve built with them over the years. Take Sharon and Steve for example. It was my first time meeting Steve but I met Sharon a year ago when she chose me to be their photographer at their upcoming wedding. I’ve known her sister, Aura for more than 3 years now as I’ve been documenting her family (see older blog posts,) watching them grow and bring two new children into the world. So when Sharon and I finally sat down the first time last year she already felt like family to me, and meeting Steve last weekend felt just the same! Congratulations you guys, I can’t wait for your wedding in December!

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