For me, being a professional wedding photographer is more about making a connection with a couple, establishing a good rapport and being able to put them at ease and feel relaxed while I’m with them on their wedding day. Take Jenn & Ojay for example, who recently got married at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach. Not only were they heading for one of the most important, stressful and exciting days of their lives, they would have to put up with me hovering around in their personal space for upwards of 6 hours as I documented every little move they made! But what made their decision to hire me even more difficult was the fact that they live in Washington state and never actually met me in person beforehand. All they had to go on was a Skype interview with me featuring grainy, stuttering video and marginal audio. They had already decided they liked my work from seeing my website but they also needed to get a feel for my personality. If you look through my blog entries you’ll find I often remark that my clients and I had a good connection from the very first conversation. Jenn and Ojay were no different, even miles away from me and through shaky video interview I knew instantly that we’d get along great and that their vision for their wedding photos fit my vision and style of wedding photography! So thank you Jenn and Ojay for trusting me with such an important day in your lives and letting me hover around you! Combined with the outstanding efforts of your coordinators, Jessica Kerns of So Eventful and Anna Fergus of The Cliffs Resort, your love, energy and beauty made for some pretty amazing photos! Jessica and Anna, this was one of the smoothest-running weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing, and probably the only one that has ever been ahead of schedule. You guys were on point!

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