The interesting thing about photographing weddings for friends and family is that I tend to let my guard down a little, and I don’t usually get quite as nervous beforehand. Not that I don’t take it as seriously, but the better I know the couple, the more comfortable I am leading up to the big day and I don’t get as stressed. So when my friend Kaori asked me to be her wedding photographer this summer in downtown Los Angeles I knew I was in for a fun-filled day! There wasn’t going to be a wedding party, the ceremony and reception would be in the same location and the guests would be playing a variety of games in hopes of winning prizes! From the perspective of a wedding photographer, simple is good. As Kaori explained, their wedding was “a party with a short ceremony attached.” The mood was light and festive, and I had plenty of great candid moments to document! Thank you guys so much for trusting me with the job of being your photographer!

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