Call me a dork but as a wedding photographer there’s something special about working with a couple who is referred to you by a previous client. When Heather and Michael called and told me they were friends of Alexandra and Glenn I instantly knew we would be a great match! I felt an instant connection with them before even meeting them in person. Heather and Michael were my kind of couple and their wedding was my cup of tea! They are genuine, down-to-earth people and they wanted to keep their wedding simple and intimate. After a beautiful ceremony in the backyard of their elegant Los Angeles home everyone made their way to Cafe Pinot in downtown Los Angeles for an amazing wedding reception with about 100 guests under twinkling bistro lights and the glow of Los Angeles skyscrapers. But the thing that stands out in my mind is how caring and attentive Heather and Michael were of me and their guests, even amid the chaos and excitement of their own wedding day. They repeatedly offered my wife and I food, brought us bottled water and constantly checked on us all night! Thank you guys for your kindness and for having us be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

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  1. Suzanne Feliciano


    March 23, 2013

    Great pictures, Eric, that really show the couples happiness.

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