One of my favorite clients, Aura, invited me back to her home to photograph her and her beautiful family just a few days before Christmas. The occasion was that she and her husband were expecting a new addition to the family! A little over a year ago I made some lovely photos of Aura during her first pregnancy so she asked me to work my magic a second time. No pressure there! Aura just glows with beauty so she really makes my job easy, but it’s kind of tough to come up with entirely different looking photos the second time around while working in the same space. Little did I know the most difficult part would be to finish processing the photos before the new baby was born! Their new child beat me by two days! At least the photo gallery will be ready and waiting for them when they get home from the hospital. Aura and her healthy daughter are doing great and resting comfortably. I can’t wait to meet her!

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